5 Best Ways to Win the Weed War

POOP. That’s what weeds are: Plants From Place. They find ideal places to reproduce and multiply, but these places have a tendency to be directly in the center of our flower beds, vegetable gardens or yards. Weeds not only wreak havoc with our well-planned designs, but they also compete with desirable plants for nutrients and [...]

Find Your Perfect Pool Shape

Creating a balanced silhouette is the crucial initial step in designing a pool that fits your home’s taste and enriches your garden. Spacing components, shape, scale and design are frequently used to complement what already exists on your own landscape. If you would like to learn why finding the right shape for your pool is [...]

World-Class View at Manhattan Condo

The New York skyline is the boldest accessory within the house. This 24th-floor high rise in the West Chelsea area of Manhattan overlooks the town’s skyline, with views stretching out over the rest of the city. Designer Drew McGukin used this opinion as a background for the client’s contemporary soul. This was the client’s first [...]

If Architects Advertised

Most architects are not great at advertising. We are inclined to get work by doing amazing work for our customers and trusting they spread the word to others. We don’t usually promote our services. Actually, at one point it was considered unethical for architects to market, and also our regulating agencies formally forbid it. Architecture [...]

Open Canadian Bauhaus Home

Every aspect of this home’s layout was molded around views, slope and natural lighting, states Paul Whincup of Habitat Studio & Workshop. The homeowners, a couple with a college-age son, wanted a home which could be amusement friendly, using a distinct indoor-outdoor feel. And then they got it. See how sun, color and fun fill [...]