The way to Decorate Using a Weathervane

Weathervanes were consistently functional items — but never utilitarian. European Island had one weathervane, highly visible to the steeple of this church, but American settlers lived far apart and weathervanes became a folk-art kind, with each homestead, farm coastal home creating its own symbol to track the wind. Rooftop to Firebox Antique weathervanes are collectibles [...]

The Way to Paint Sloped Ceilings

Ceilings pose a challenge for house painters. In addition to sharp angles which need careful trimming, sloped ceilings need a bit more attention in regards to color selection. Sloping surfaces obviously feature a subtle color gradation and — as an element which comes nearer to the walls than traditional ceilings — they have a great [...]

Affordable Ways to Decorate an Apartment

Apartments come in lease rates, sizes and various shapes. The one thing flats have in common is they are for rent and not available for sale. Therefore, costly or long-term decorative features aren’t advisable for the renter. Avoid costly decorations to get a rental unit by employing creativity and affordable resources. Dual-Function Furniture Steer clear [...]