Do It Yourself

According to RealtyTrac, one in 78 housing units in the nation obtained at least one foreclosure filing in the first half of 2010. In June 2010, 313,841 properties obtained either a default option, auction sale or bank repossession noticedown almost 7 percent from June 2009. California led the nation, with 340,740 housing units in the [...]

Affordable Ways to Decorate an Apartment

Apartments come in lease rates, sizes and various shapes. The one thing flats have in common is they are for rent and not available for sale. Therefore, costly or long-term decorative features aren’t advisable for the renter. Avoid costly decorations to get a rental unit by employing creativity and affordable resources. Dual-Function Furniture Steer clear [...]

Real Estate Escrow Definition

Property escrow means placing something, including a deed or money, in the custody of a neutral third party until certain conditions are met, according to the website Realty Times. Escrow or title companies often oversee a property transaction, from initial deposit to final funding, to ensure a smooth process. Once the transaction is complete, a [...]

Salvaged Parts Form a New-Old Texas Hideaway

With its weather-beaten walls and rusted metal accents, this bucolic Texas hideaway seems to elicit generations of Western history in every crack and cranny. Yet despite its own ancestral appearance, the home is fresh — a modern prefab contrived from locally salvaged materials. The owners, a couple from Austin, purchased the property years ago but [...]

15 Outdoor Pet Projects You'll Lap Up

ers, we set out the call, and once again you replied. Your love for the pets shines through with all the care and thought you have put into building things that make them joyful. Along with your endeavors have made yards and your patios intriguing. Get ideas from a few homegrown responses to pets’ love [...]