Flowering Plum Tree Pruning

Pruning ornamental plum trees (Prunus spp.) Encourages new development, fragrant blossoms and wholesome fruits. Based on cultivar and variety, plum trees developed in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 to 10 along with different regions of earth feature brightly coloured leaves, pink or white flowers and berrylike or pitted fruits. Removing dead or [...]

The way to Germinate Arborvitae

With their clean growth habit and feathery, evergreen foliage, arborvitae shrubs (Platycladus orientalis) add construction and year-round color to gardens within U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 to 11. They are most commonly propagated from cuttings, although arborvitae shrubs will even grow true from fresh seeds. The seeds sprout reliably if gathered in [...]

How to Prune a Bonsai Plant

Bonsai plants require pruning to keep up the miniature size, as well as the stylized shape. Taking your time while pruning a bonsai gives you a well-shaped plant with just the correct amount of branching to seem natural. Bonsai plants mimic nature in scenery and form, making pruning essential to keeping the plant’s aesthetic value. [...]

When to Trim a Citrus Tree

Growing a citrus tree in your backyard does not just create cooling shade, it may also offer you a fresh supply of fruit. The tree’s shiny, green foliage and brightly colored fruit help add interest to your lawn. Unlike many fruit trees, citrus trees don’t require regular pruning to remain healthy and produce fruit, but [...]

How to Grow Gourds and Conserve Them Properly

Gourd varietals, such as “bicolor pear,” “cannon ball” and “Aladdin’s turban,” have served several purposes through the centuries, such as storage containers, utensils as well as music instruments. Although gourds are now commonly used for ornamental purposes, the process of growing and conserving gourds hasn’t changed much. After growing and harvesting, they need to be [...]

The Potato Vine Caterpillar

Potato vine (Solanum jasminoides) is a flowering vine that does not create vegetables of any kind. This evergreen plant develops in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11, producing fragrant bluish-white flowers. Potato vines attract various guests with their leaf and blooms, including hummingbirds and butterflies. Some butterflies utilize the potato vine [...]