Sound Dampening in an Apartment

You’ve found your dream apartment in an ideal place and there is just 1 thing wrong with it. But that 1 thing will drive you, or your neighbours, to anger and madness if you can not mend it efficiently and efficiently. Noise is the bane of city dwellers, apartment owners near heavily trafficked highways or [...]

7 Tips to Designing Your Bedroom

Have you ever been in a room that just feels right? Nine times out of 10, it’s because it’s a simple design that works well. But creating a simple design is harder than it seems — particularly in bedrooms. Why? Because each bedroom absolutely has to get a mattress in it. And beds are large [...]

Harmonize Your Home

Any musician knows how easy it is to accumulate stacks and stacks of sheet music. I played the piano for many years as a child, and by high school I could barely shut my piano bench because of an accumulation of every song under the stars. If you’re running into this issue and are just [...]

Can Desert Roses Recover From Frost?

Grown for its intriguing trunk form and branching habit, in addition to because of its showy pink to crimson flowers, desert rose (Adenium obesum) is native to Africa. It rises at U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10a through 12. Desert rose is damaged by temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit but above 32 F, [...]

Modern Architecture Brings Fall Color Home

In many regions of the Earth, autumn is signaled by leaves changing color before they fall to the floor. Greens give way to reds, oranges and yellows, which makes the passage of time noticeable and beautiful. These autumnal colors may also be inspiration for a house’s outside, as the illustrations reveal. Within their embrace of [...]