3 Fragrant Storage Spots

A space that’s maximized effectively is a work of art, and people that are in a position to do it with ease are what I like to call “spatial artists.” For many folks, this gift comes naturally. But for people who find it more of a battle, don’t worry — there are tons of tried-and-true [...]

Designer Sketch: Jean Dufresne

Jean Dufresne of SPACE Architects + Planners at Chicago knew he wanted to become an architect if he was only a child, begging his mother to go to open houses in his area. A love for building homes has certainly been there since the beginning, but more importantly, he loathed the long-lasting impact his layouts [...]

Great Space: New Take on Cabin Chic

This California mountain retreat in Lake Tahoe’s Sugar Bowl is a warm space that glows with soft neutrals and organic light. The interior design of the house, constructed and created by John Maniscalco Architecture, was greatly affected by the customer’s love and knowledge of design. Its use of natural materials — from exposed timber grains [...]