How to Treat Oily Spots on Fabric

Oily stains are a frequent result of cooking and eating greasy foods, and they can wind up on garments, table linens and furniture fabric. Clean oil spots as soon when they occur as you can, and avoid placing stained fabrics into the drier or they might be set forever. Treat oil spots using products usually [...]

Making a Bleach Spray to House Cleaning

Inexpensive chlorine bleach effectively eliminates germs, but the active chemical sodium hypochlorite warrants cautious use. A dilute spray of 1 tablespoon of bleach per quart of cold water may disinfect food preparation surfaces in your kitchen, and your bathroom counter and sink. Prepare a bleach solution in a committed and labeled spray bottle for ease [...]

How to Remove Stains From Cutlery

Cutlery is subject to exposure to all types of chemicals through regular use: oily foods, minerals and detergents, to mention a few. Over time, that once-sparkling flatware’s finish becomes dull and stained. Even stainless-steel cutlery stains. Oftentimes, these stains may be rubbed away with things already in the kitchen; occasionally, it might take more than [...]

How to Care for Wool Carpet

Wool carpets offer a luxurious warmth that it’s difficult to duplicate with synthetics. But that luxury has a price. Wool carpets need slightly more care and attention than synthetics, and they should be professionally cleaned more often. Luckily, you can keep your carpet looking like a million bucks without spending a lot of money. Vacuum [...]