Truth About Lily Petals

Almost anybody who has noticed a lily (Lilium spp.) In blossom would tell you they’ve six colorful petals, but they’d be mistaken. Like other blossoms, the lily includes both sepals and petals. The lily’s sepals and petals are the exact same color, form and size, creating what looks to be a flower with six petals. [...]

Semi-Dwarf Fruit Trees Vs. Ultra-Dwarf

Even when your gardening space consists of a small yard or patio, it is possible to develop your own fruit trees. You can pick from a variety of ultra-dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees, including apples (Malus domestica), pears (Pyrus communis), peaches (Prunus persica) and plums (Prunus domestica). Container-grown fruit trees typically prefer well-drained potting soil [...]

Facts About the Chocolate Lily

Chocolate lilies (Fritillaria camschatcensis) can also be known as Kamchatka fritillary, after the Kamchatka Peninsula in Asia, which is merely one of the regions in which it grows wild. These lilies deliver dark contrasting colors to the flower garden from spring till the end of summer. Chocolate lilies are hardy and bear rabbits and deer. [...]

Do Cherry Tomato Plants Need to Be Tied?

Tying tomatoes means attaching them into some type of support which keeps their branches off the ground. Bearing tomatoes resembling cherries in form and size, cherry tomato plants produce large crops of this small fruit. Lighter by volume than their larger cousins used for slicing and sauce-making, cherry tomatoes grow in clusters which can weigh [...]

The ideal Lawn Seed Blends

Contrary to single-variety lawn seed, lawn seed combinations allow you to reap the benefits of several grass species and varieties. By combining many species, seed blends may be tailored to a certain place’s climate, use and lighting. Blends will also be more likely to defy disorders than single-species lawns, because of their genetic diversity. The [...]

Weeping Fig Light Conditions

Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) is a common houseplant, but can grow outdoors in United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10b through 11. Indoors and out, weeping figs are grown for their 5-inch long leathery, shiny green leaves over droopy branches. Reducing the weeping fig grows up to 60 feet tall, but indoors the [...]

Safe Containers for Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is also an environmentally safe means to grow vegetables, fruits, fruits and other crops. You can safely grow plants in a variety of containers, so long as you follow the principles of organic gardening. This involves knowing the history of your containers and choosing materials that will not leach toxic substances into the [...]

How to Start a New Garden in a Yard

Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, a new garden bed requires appropriate planning. Site selection, dirt needs and continuing care all depend on the cultural requirements of the crops you select. Preparing the bed correctly before you purchase the very first plant enhances your odds of gardening success because the plants get off to a [...]