Fiddleleaf Fig Bushes

Also called banjo fig, fiddleleaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is an evergreen tree indigenous to tropical Africa. In the wild, the tree can grow to heights of around 100 feet, with a spread of around 60 feet. The tree may be pruned heavily, however, to allow it to maintain a smaller, longer bush-like habit. Fiddleleaf fig [...]

The way to Prune an Orange Viridis Maple

“Viridis” maple (Acer palmatum var. Dissectum “Viridis”), a cultivar of laceleaf Japanese maple, is a powerful specimen tree for a small yard since it grows to about just 10 feet tall and also contains brilliant hues of bright orange foliage in fall. Hardy at U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9, “Viridis” [...]

Sound Dampening in an Apartment

You’ve found your dream apartment in an ideal place and there is just 1 thing wrong with it. But that 1 thing will drive you, or your neighbours, to anger and madness if you can not mend it efficiently and efficiently. Noise is the bane of city dwellers, apartment owners near heavily trafficked highways or [...]

The way to Decorate Using a Weathervane

Weathervanes were consistently functional items — but never utilitarian. European Island had one weathervane, highly visible to the steeple of this church, but American settlers lived far apart and weathervanes became a folk-art kind, with each homestead, farm coastal home creating its own symbol to track the wind. Rooftop to Firebox Antique weathervanes are collectibles [...]