The Sum and Substance House Numbers

While house numbers are a necessary part of your home’s outside, they are also somewhat like jewelry — the finishing touch that ties the entire package together. Follow these tips for picking numbers that meet practical considerations and hit all the right style notes too. It’s The Small Things… Are they easy to see from [...]

Designer Sketch: Jean Dufresne

Jean Dufresne of SPACE Architects + Planners at Chicago knew he wanted to become an architect if he was only a child, begging his mother to go to open houses in his area. A love for building homes has certainly been there since the beginning, but more importantly, he loathed the long-lasting impact his layouts [...]

Get Prepared for Winter Ways

Like it or not, Jack Frost is edging in on us at quite a rapid pace. And should you happen to stay on the East Coast, you are already enjoying winter’s windy ways. Right? Okay, so maybe not — which was a mean trick which Mother Nature played with you guys. However, either way, unless [...]

So Your Style Is: Transitional

What it is: If Goldilocks were decorating a home, transitional design would check all of her”only right” boxes: not too cold, not too formal, not too fussy. It blends the comfort and warmth of conventional design with all the clean profiles and understated colours of the contemporary look. The outcome? Gracious, compact spaces that exude [...]

Main Colors Bring a Room to Life

There’s nothing elementary about decorating with primary colours, particularly when they are against a complex, neutral backdrop. Bold, bright, and beautiful, they are the basis of all colours and create a highly effective color announcement in a box of crayons and in our home’s decor. Without much effort, primary colors capture our attention even when [...]