Simplest Way to Refinish a Wood Floor

Wood floors maintain their great looks through the years using routine care and cleaning. Over time, however, as your floors begins to show wear, it’s time to spruce up the finish. A total refinishing job entails sanding and applying a polyurethane sealer, which is quite a tedious and time-consuming undertaking. However, if your floors have [...]

How to Install a Slate Porch

If you are contemplating changing the look of your porch, you may choose to pay for it into slate tiles. Slate is a kind of stone, therefore slate tiles are durable and perfect for outdoor applications. Slate tiles are best installed over a concrete porch since it is a more stable surface. These tiles should [...]

Truth About Lily Petals

Almost anybody who has noticed a lily (Lilium spp.) In blossom would tell you they’ve six colorful petals, but they’d be mistaken. Like other blossoms, the lily includes both sepals and petals. The lily’s sepals and petals are the exact same color, form and size, creating what looks to be a flower with six petals. [...]

Semi-Dwarf Fruit Trees Vs. Ultra-Dwarf

Even when your gardening space consists of a small yard or patio, it is possible to develop your own fruit trees. You can pick from a variety of ultra-dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees, including apples (Malus domestica), pears (Pyrus communis), peaches (Prunus persica) and plums (Prunus domestica). Container-grown fruit trees typically prefer well-drained potting soil [...]

Facts About the Chocolate Lily

Chocolate lilies (Fritillaria camschatcensis) can also be known as Kamchatka fritillary, after the Kamchatka Peninsula in Asia, which is merely one of the regions in which it grows wild. These lilies deliver dark contrasting colors to the flower garden from spring till the end of summer. Chocolate lilies are hardy and bear rabbits and deer. [...]

No-Rot Fence to get a Yard & Horses

A basic wood fence, like a picket, was a frequent choice from the past to enclose your home; the building market failed to have a great deal of alternative fence choices, besides unsightly chain-link materials. However, wood’s tendency to rot makes it a high-maintenance fencing choice, particularly in the event that you keep your horses [...]

Do Cherry Tomato Plants Need to Be Tied?

Tying tomatoes means attaching them into some type of support which keeps their branches off the ground. Bearing tomatoes resembling cherries in form and size, cherry tomato plants produce large crops of this small fruit. Lighter by volume than their larger cousins used for slicing and sauce-making, cherry tomatoes grow in clusters which can weigh [...]