A Manhattan Studio Gets a Bright Future

This Manhattan mat welcomes you with bright yellow walls and a good deal of natural light streaming from windows that are adjoining. But the compact area did not necessarily have such a joyous disposition. In the house’s previous life, guests walked into a studio filled with a hodgepodge of walnut furniture and first saw… a [...]

Flat-Sawn Balusters Give Railings All-Out Style

Initially created for Victorian houses, flat-sawn balusters communicate a fantastic conservative feel in a home. Often referred to as gingerbread or paper doll balustrades, these ornamental railing features are most frequently found on historical residences, wrapping around porches, balconies and interior staircases. Naturally resistant to rust, flat-sawn balusters are precision cut from lasting woods, like [...]

If Desired Composers Designed Homes

My studio has to be full of music when I’m sitting at my drawing table. Nothing beats drawing and designing into the sounds of music. Even though some may listen to rockothers to blues and others to country, I discover that classical music is exactly what I work best to. The music of Mozart, Bach, [...]

5 Ideas To Turn Your Basement

Sometimes it’s simply not possible to share the TV. What is a family to do if one member is pulling for reruns of Seinfeld, and the other one is rooting for your Kardashians? If you are discovering that remote-control wars are becoming common in your living area, it can be time to change this unused [...]

Modernize Your Previous Kitchen

If you purchased an older house, you likely did so for its appeal, history and perhaps its location at a neighborhood lined with huge old trees. Since the owner of a 1940s Tudor, I really like my house for all those reasons … and just put up with the truth that our “master” bathroom is [...]

Guest Picks: Lantern Pendants

Since I have been on a search to find the ideal lantern pendants for my kitchen, I believed it would be interesting to assemble a collection of some of the very best on the net. I really like that lanterns — although frequently thought of as conventional — can do the job nicely in just [...]