Can Desert Roses Recover From Frost?

Grown for its intriguing trunk form and branching habit, in addition to because of its showy pink to crimson flowers, desert rose (Adenium obesum) is native to Africa. It rises at U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10a through 12. Desert rose is damaged by temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit but above 32 F, [...]

The Best Device for Staking Dahlias

Despite flaunting flowers frequently the size of dinner plates, dahlias (Dahlia spp.) Do not look impressive with their blooms face down in mud. Due to hollow stems and top-heavy growth, dahlias have a propensity to tumble. Therefore any dahlia that reaches a height of over 3 feet must have some kind of support. Which support [...]

The Way to Restore Antique Maple Furniture

It is going to gain from a well-conceived and well-executed refinishing and restoration procedure unless your maple furniture is in pristine condition. As of 2002, that’s the official place of the popular television program,”Antiques Roadshow,” as elucidated by executive producer Peter J. Cook, and it puts to rest the notion that it’s better to leave [...]

The Way to Paint Sloped Ceilings

Ceilings pose a challenge for house painters. In addition to sharp angles which need careful trimming, sloped ceilings need a bit more attention in regards to color selection. Sloping surfaces obviously feature a subtle color gradation and — as an element which comes nearer to the walls than traditional ceilings — they have a great [...]