Varieties of Vine Vegetables

Vegetables that blossom are excellent for growing vertically onto a stake, trellis, cage or fence. This saves room, makes harvesting easier and provides an element of privacy to the backyard. Pests which can’t climb, such as slugs or snails, and diseases brought on by contact with wet soil are not a problem for vertical veggies [...]

Greenhouse Bedding Plants

Commercial greenhouses make most of their cash in the spring by selling plants. A bedding plant is simply an herb plant developed and offered for sale together with the goal that it’s employed in landscaping, gardening or container planting. Many types of plants have been considered bedding plants and are generally offered in groups of [...]

Roots of Style: Midcentury Modern Design

Explaining the present popularity of midcentury modern house design leads us straight back to this 30-year extend from 1945 to 1975 — a period of remarkable economic growth, which generated a desire for innovative design in everything from clothing to automobiles. At the time modern home design was known as contemporary. The expression “midcentury modern” [...]