Modernize Your Previous Kitchen

If you purchased an older house, you likely did so for its appeal, history and perhaps its location at a neighborhood lined with huge old trees. Since the owner of a 1940s Tudor, I really like my house for all those reasons … and just put up with the truth that our “master” bathroom is [...]

Guest Picks: Lantern Pendants

Since I have been on a search to find the ideal lantern pendants for my kitchen, I believed it would be interesting to assemble a collection of some of the very best on the net. I really like that lanterns — although frequently thought of as conventional — can do the job nicely in just [...]

So That Your Style Is: Romantic

What it is: As its name suggests, romantic style has a certain softness and fanciful allure that’s as difficult to resist as a surprise box of candy. It harks back to the Victorian age, a time of courtliness and old-fashioned decorum, although it’s easy and fresh faced instead of musty and fusty. Why it works: [...]

So Your Design Is: Green

What it is: Green design is not so much a style aesthetic as a dedication to living gently on the earth. It’s a two-prong approach of renewable materials and environmentally aware practices, all with an eye toward decreasing carbon footprints and considering the big picture of our planet. Why it works: Living green has a [...]