Modernize Your Previous Kitchen

If you purchased an older house, you likely did so for its appeal, history and perhaps its location at a neighborhood lined with huge old trees. Since the owner of a 1940s Tudor, I really like my house for all those reasons … and just put up with the truth that our “master” bathroom is really small, you have to stand with half of your body beyond the door to brush your teeth. If you have an older house, you may be able to relate.

Unfortunately, elderly houses also have kitchens which were made for another generation. Sometimes I visit friends’ newer houses which have sprawling granite islands, dual ovens and eight-burner ranges — it is hard not to get just a tad jealous of these luxuries. My little kitchen was around more than 70 decades and just can’t compete with a few of the modern conveniences of a new residence.

I would never trade my house for a newer version, but there are still lots of methods to enhance the functionality and appearance of an older kitchen without gutting the entire space.

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To keep your house’s old-world allure and combine it with a new, contemporary feel, think about open shelving for a portion of your kitchen. Fill your shelves with all-white or skillet for some functional accessories.

The Decor Fix

This is my own kitchen. I loved the appearance of open shelving but was not ready to commit to a complete kitchen remodel until I understood it’d work for our property. For a fast fix, I took the cabinet doors off the frames and caulked the holes for instant open shelving. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to test out open shelving for a spell and see if it is a fit. This would also be a great option if you’re leasing.

I really like to collect white dishes, so I had a constant color palette to show. I added bits of color here and there. Happily, I’ve another wall of cabinets to hide all my mismatched Tupperware and random boutique coffee mugs.

Now that we’ve had artificial open shelving, we’ve begun to appreciate it. We’re thinking about a kitchen remodel in another year which will make our spacious shelves a permanent fixture. Who knows … perhaps I’ll find a gas stove from this offer.

Open shelving also makes it easy for guests to help themselves to dishes and glasses at dinner parties. It makes our kitchen feel more welcoming to our buddies.

The shelves hit from floor to ceiling in this space, and a step stool is utilized to reach those in the top. The mint green color is a great backdrop to the homeowner’s dishes.

Does open shelving supply the aesthetic appeal of displaying your own dishes, but in addition, it saves time for a busy cook. Using glass containers for dry goods and spices keeps things fresh. When you have two or three dishes moving at the same time, any time you can shave off prepping is a plus.

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Think like a minimalist when it comes to appliances. As much as I’d like an eight-burner range and a double oven, they are just not a good fit for my small 1940s kitchen.

Think about more space-efficient choices when updating your cooker, oven and even refrigerator. They can continue to be contemporary and practical, but should feel at home in your older space.

Karen Ellentuck. ASID

It was only when my husband and I moved to our house that I realized we didn’t have a genuine pantry. I designated a couple of closets as our cupboard space, but it is a tight squeeze following grocery shopping.

That I really like the built-in pantry. Using the cabinet door front, it acts like a drawer, providing easy access to goods. This is something on my kitchen want list.

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Built-in storage is also a excellent way to cut back on countertop clutter. With space at a premium, these hidden stains are space savers and a great way to remain organized. I would really like to be able to hide my mismatched spoons and spatulas at a drawer like this one.

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Pick finishes that feel classic instead of the newest trend. Wood countertops, white cabinets and classic white tile, as shown here, fit with the feel of an older house but nevertheless appear fresh and updated.

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For our kitchen remodel, we’re looking at stained polished concrete to our countertops. It is a durable and much more economical surface compared to marble. Here it is paired with white subway tile and stainless appliances to get a smooth appearance.

Eclectic Pendant Lighting – $59.99

The industrial craze is one trend which actually works well for elderly houses, thanks to its own retro inspiration. You can discover industrial-inspired pieces everywhere these days.

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Wilamette 6 Pendant Light – $129

I’ve been perusing goods from companies which make replica lighting fittings similar to those who were popular from the ’50s and ’60s. I think this is a great way to honor the time period which the house has been constructed in.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

As noticed in this kitchen, the replicate lighting appears clean and timeless.

A classic house in a contemporary age does not mean we have to do without the conveniences or appeal of newer kitchens. We only need to think more creatively!

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