How to Install a Hanging Mirror onto a Door

Installing a hanging mirror is somewhat different from hanging . Hollow doors aren’t dense enough to hold screws or strong, but you can support the mirror from the top of the door. With doors that are strong, a more conventional approach with screws should hold an mirror. Extremely mirrors aren’t suitable for hanging on a door, since the weight could get the door to sag on its own springs.

Holllow Door

Slip an hanging hook across the door’s edge.

Hang the cable on the back of the mirror above the hook on the door. Series picture twist the ends of the cable together until the cable is tight and secure if the rear of the mirror includes a set of D rings without a cable.

Peel the backing off a felt or rubber bumper and adhere it to the door behind the mirror. It needs to be high enough behind the mirror to not show, but low enough to protect the mirror.

Strong Door

Hold the mirror against the door where you want it to hang, with the rear side.

Make a pencil mark on the door at the top of the mirror and at the left and right surfaces of the mirror.

Assess the mirror from the top edge down to a single D ring on the trunk. Eliminate it, if the D rings have picture hanging cord strung between them.

Measure down from the mark you left to the D ring’s location on the door for the top of the mirror, utilizing the measurement you took in Step 3. Mark at that location.

Place a 4-foot level against the door, aligning the upper border of this level with the pencil mark you created for the D ring. Adjust the level.

Trace the border of the level on the door using a pencil.

Place the level on the door and align the border you left for the side of this mirror. Adjust the level until the bubble is based, denoting that the line is plumb or straight. Trace the border of this level using a pencil until it intersects the level flat line. Repeat to make a line.

Assess the mirror from the side across to the closest D ring’s middle. Where the left mounting screw goes, this measurement denotes.

Measure across the line from the place where it is intersected by the vertical line, and then mark the place where the left mounting screw goes, using the measurement you took in Step 8. Repeat for the screw on the right-hand side.

Drill pilot holes into the door to a thickness of roughly 3/4 inch at the screw marks. Use a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than the width of the screw shank and a drill.

Insert a 1-inch, coarse-thread wood screw . Leave the screw head raised up from the surface of the door roughly 1/8 inch.

Before the D rings grab the screws lower the mirror on the screws.

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