The way to put in a Post Lamp or Lantern Without Using Concrete

Setting up an outdoor area for a gathering or event frequently involves for installing temporary post lamps or lanterns that provide light during night hours. While concrete is used for permanent installations, it’s removing temporary posts or poles difficult and time-consuming. Installing post lamps or lanterns securely involves digging a hole and then tamping the soil around the bottom of the article. The job requires a little more labor, however, the result pays off when it is time to take out the post.

Determine the location of the article. Wear work gloves.

Dig a 6-inch diameter hole 24 inches deep using a post-hole digger to set up an 8-foot post. Dig the hole 36 inches deep to get a 10-foot article. Loosen rocks or difficult spots in the dirt with the pointed end of a digging bar. Empty dirt from the digger into a wheelbarrow as you move.

Stand the article from the hole. Install a 10-inch layer of gravel across the bottom end of the post with a shovel or manually. Plumb every side of the post vertical using a 4-foot degree.

Fill a 1-gallon bucket with water. Shovel a 1-inch layer of dirt from the wheelbarrow into the hole and moist the layer using a modest amount of water. Wait until the dirt seeps into the layer of gravel. Repeat the procedure, as necessary, until moist dirt fills the voids from the gravel base to the peak of the gravel.

Insert a 2-inch layer of dirt from the hole. Compact the dirt across the pole using the dull end of the digging bar. Recheck the article for plumb using the degree.

Insert extra 2-inch layers of dirt, one at a time, and fill in across the pole to ground level. Compact each layer of dirt and plumb the article as you proceed.

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