Cute Bed Ideas For Teens Sharing a Room

When a limited number of bedrooms require adolescents to share a room, it can help to get creative suggestions on dividing the space. Present your adolescents with different ideas about the best way to arrange and design their beds. Invite a cohesive design which makes the most of a space that is shared while at the same time permitting an expression of individual personality.

A Lofty Idea

A clever method to overlap beds, helping to save valuable floor space, is by placing the head of a twin bed under a loft bed. This L-shaped configuration leaves room for a corner desk, small dresser or storage cubby under the loft bed. If more sleeping area is desired, use full size beds, then centering the head of the bottom bed below the bed. Built-in drawers under the bottom bed provide helpful storage. Paint the bed frames exactly the same color for a sense of unity.

Head-to-Head Beds

Another space saving design for a pair of ground-level beds is a head-to-head corner positioning, with the beds perpendicular to one another. An integrated corner shelf behind the beds provides a handy place for knickknacks, books or lighting for reading. This design leaves a whole lot of open floor area at the center of the room. If you are dealing with a long, narrow bedroom, try out the head-to-head positioning along a wall. Separate the beds using a narrow chest of drawers or bookcase that’s a little taller than the beds, offering a feeling of privacy for each sleeping area. When your adolescents favor bedding colors which seem unrelated, a color wheel might help with more complex color schemes. A mixture of textures and patterns on accent and bedding pillows adds interest and a feeling of individual style.

A Matched Set

If your adolescent siblings have similar tastes, the symmetrical look of matching bed fashions can be an appealing bedroom design. In larger shared rooms, saving space becomes less of a priority. Add classic styling at a girls’ room using a pair of effort fashion canopy beds. Catch the sweeping curved top rails and elegant crown exposed for a clean, contemporary look and a broad feel. Produce a cohesive color scheme for a pair of side-by-side beds with matching bed sets in complementary colors. Reversible comforters with coordinating patterns on each side offer a fantastic alternative for this design. Look for bedding patterns using hues of green and pink, purple and purple or orange and blue. In a boys’ bedroom, think about a unified sports motif with bedding which has logos and colors of their favourite teams.

Room for More

In huge households, three to four adolescents might be sharing a room. Custom built bunk and loft bed designs give the room a sophisticated feel while providing multiple areas for sleeping. When space allows, framing the beds to allow them to appear built-in to the wall produces cozy little nooks for a little bit of private space. Incorporate built-in wall sconce lights to get handy bedside lighting. Built-in shelves and cubbies take the place of bedside tables, and curtains can be added for solitude. Matching patterns on bedding at coordinating colors, like shades of green and blue or pink and orange provide unity. Personalize each sleeping room with monogrammed accent pillows, wall and memorabilia art.

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