How to Arrange Furniture Using a Corner Fireplace

A fireplace is a natural focal point in any room, however when it is in a corner, furniture positioning becomes challenging. The remedy is to construct the layout of the space around the fireplace, capitalizing on the natural attraction of its warmth and color. You must offer comfortable seating places for conversation and maybe for watching television. The best arrangement is dependent upon the size of the room, the style and size of your furnishings, together with carefully chosen accessories.

Smaller Room Arrangements

The size of the room determines potential furniture arrangements. A corner fireplace in a room that is smaller indicates coziness and a demand for simplicity from the furnishings. As an example, place two medium-sized, cozy armchairs facing each other and perpendicular to the fireplace. A hassock positioned between them offers the choice of putting tired feet upward, or a location for snacks and reading stuff. If a television display is necessary, hang it above the fireplace and slightly angle the chairs toward the fireplace for cozy viewing. If there’s enough room, then place a loveseat parallel to the fireplace, facing both chairs, or place the loveseat vertical to the fireplace on each side and place a single armchair facing the fireplace.

Medium-Sized Room Arrangements

Having a little more space, a larger U-shaped arrangement is possible. Place a sofa parallel to and facing the fireplace. Place two chairs facing each other and perpendicular to the fireplace. Use upholstered armchairs or armless side chairs, depending upon your furniture design and the available space. A low coffee table will service all three seating pieces. A console table positioned behind the sofa offers a place for a lamp, books or decorative accessories. Floor lamps and end tables are optional. An L-shape is also a feasible, open-feeling arrangement. Set the sofa parallel to one of those walls flanking the fireplace. Place one or two armchairs at right angles to the sofa and facing the fireplace. This arrangement also functions with sectional bits.

Larger Room Arrangements

In a larger room with a corner fireplace you can develop more than one focal point by arranging multiple conversation places. As an example, the area in front of the fireplace may feature a pair of facing armchairs or loveseats using a coffee table between them, while across the room, a sofa and 2 deep-seating chairs form a different conversation area against one of the walls flanking the fireplace.


Accessories help define seating areas in a room and draw focus to the fireplace. As an example, a vibrant area rug placed on either a bare or carpeted floor before the fireplace draws additional focus toward the dominant focus. A painting or arrangement of photographs on the fireplace wall enhances the wall’s value. Pillows or throws upholstered furniture unify the colour scheme by replicating hues present from the wall art.

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