On Trend: 2-in-1 Furnishings for Living that is Small-Space

For city folk, condo owners and apartment dwellers, space is often at a premium. And when you are living in a smaller space, it becomes much more essential the things you have a purpose — or greater than one.

Each one of those designs works hard to earn its keep at a house. Whether it’s a table that turns into a seat, two-for-one dining seats or a kitchen in a box, then there are lots of fresh options for outfitting your space.

Buying note: Catch Alberto Villarreal, Lunar, Tom Rossau, Aissa Logerot, Boxetti and SixInch via their sites for distribution and ordering information.

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InsideOut Collection, Silla Guarda

What a fantastic idea — save your additional seating under the seats you use every day. You’ll know right where they are if you schedule your next dinner party.

Aïssa Logerot

Madame Est Servie Mirror

I got rid of our ironing board a while back — it had been such a space hog. However, this mirror-turned-ironing plank is a fantastic alternative for space-challenged living locations.


The Koo Rocker-Bassinet

This modern bassinet includes a secret: It transforms into a comfy seat for weary new parents. When baby is too large to rest indoors, the chair is still a fantastic furniture piece.


TT01 Convertible Table

The legs of the innovative table really fold upward and around, turning it to the table shown. It’s two different tables in one.

Aïssa Logerot

XY Table-Chair

How often have you used a seat for a table? I know I’ve. The XY table-chair is perfect for little studio flats. Your seat really is vice versa and your table.


Boxetti Unfolding Furnishings

Boxetti has an whole assortment of box-like furnishings which unfold into exquisite contemporary tables, chairs, drawers, shelves and more. So much to explore!


Enitial Lab 2-in-1 Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great place to add functionality — the smaller wheeled table underneath this one is fantastic for celebration spreads or family game nights.


Double Cut Seat-Table

This mailbox opens up into a comfy seat. Use it as a table if you are on your own or create additional seating for parties.

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