Guest Groups: Hang On!

Easily incorporate a small quirky character into your decor with a special hook. Any of those funky fixtures will make a great conversation piece and a fun addition to the home. — Beth from Modern Home

Richard Shed Studio

Here Hook

Guests will not require any direction as to where to hang their jackets with all the Here Hook.


Hang On Hanger – $96

The design of the Hang On Hanger may lend itself to a simple DIY project for those so inclined.


Bästis Hook – $2.99

How could you not love a cheery small dog tail willing to maintain your stuff? The hooks are made from colorful soft rubber so that they’re kid-friendly.


Handjob Hooks – GBP 90

Communicate any variety of emotions with those hooks out of Thelermont Hupton. The palms come in a variety of gestures and colors.


Stuck On You – GBP 22

What went down in this kitchen? Invisible attachments will make your visitors think these utensils were thrown at the heat of the moment.

99 Bottles Coat Hook – $27

Sing it with me today! “Ninety-nine bottles of root beer on the wall. Ninety-nine bottles of root beer…” What do I say? I really don’t drink. Plus, these recycled bottles will actually stay on the wall. They are available in your choice of clear, green or brown glass.


Dart Wall Hooks – $35

Looking for quirky jacket hooks? These darts will hit on the bulls-eye. Ha!


Offside Coat Hook – GBP 69

Five small foosball players function as a group for this particular coat hook. Pieces tilt and move to the side to adjust for bulkier items.


8-Bit Hanger – $39.90

This hanger is perfect for your retro lovin’ inner geek. In other words, my husband would like that.


Regnah Hanger – $45.90

Along with holding your things, the Regnah Hanger would be a fun prop for Halloween.


Bird On A Wire Coat Rack – $80

These tiny ceramic birds are really sweet. This coat rack is available in bright yellow, white and black. The black ones remind me of the Eames House Bird.


Tapehook – $9.10

This hook has the look of Japanese washi tape. The hooks are small so they are just capable to hold light-weight items, like keys.

Next Modern Home

Imm Living Hide And Seek – $53

Add a Small woodland whimsy to your decor with all the Imm Living Hide and Seek hooks by Cecilia Lundgren.

Amy Jesaitis

Hang And Play From Felipe Morales

Are you a fan of arcade games? These joystick coat hooks are made from real arcade components and would be a great addition to your game room.


Cut ‘n Go Drop Black Flowing Coatrack, Little – EUR 55

This coat rack comes in a variety of colorful options and looks like wet paint dripping down your wall.

Lil’ Monkey Toys

Movella Coat Hook From Selecta – $54.95

Here is a coat rack that the kids are going to enjoy. The colorful child-friendly knobs move around the image, which makes this holder both useful and fun.

The Future Perfect

Little Dropit Hooks – $33

Create your own indoor rain shower with these raindrop-shaped hooks out of Asshoff & Brogard.

Japan Trend Shop

Gunhook Wall Hanger – $46

The light colours are a bit girly, but I could visit one of these being a unique decorative accessory at an Austin Powers- or 007-themed room.

Bettina Nissen Design

Blurbs Coat Hook, Dual – GBP 15

Have fun discussions with family members or roomies by writing each other messages on such comic novel–style speech bubbles.

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