Headboard Alternatives to Make a Dull Bed Divine

Headboards are a part of bedroom layout. They are often the first thing that you see when you enter the room, and also the most dominant. Just as the front door creates an important public announcement about who you are, the headboard creates an important personal statement about who you are. It’s a place for allowing your imagination soar along with your imagination take wing.

When my husband, Mike, and I moved into a tiny California bungalow, our massive four-poster appeared like the elephant in the (bed)room. It had been way too large for the room, so we sold it and are currently hunting for something more personal and fun. Perhaps a few of the ideas here will inspire you the way they have inspired me.


Doors as headboards are getting to be rather common, but these take the idea to a whole new level. If you are fortunate enough to come across pieces as wonderful as such, snap them up; then they are going to be a once-in-a-lifetime find. The enticing colors, knobby studs and curvilinear carvings make such an unforgettable statement. I particularly love the sudden minimalistic lamp that completes this design.

Dreamy Whites

I was surprised to observe that this well-worn fireplace mantel repurposed as a headboard. It’s a really fantastic idea that Mike and I will have to contemplate. The appearance you create will be based on the mantel you locate. It may be a massive old oak surround, antique cast iron along with a brightly painted contemporary layout.

Whatever you choose, look at picking nightstands and dressers that produce the room absolutely personal for you. And never purchase a matching bedroom collection in the furniture store if you want a bedroom that sings your song.

Cherie Marcel

If you like crazy quilts, you may love this. Although you may accomplish a headboard treatment like this with a quilt, these are actually fabric samples that have been gathered and inventively mounted to create a vibrant, welcoming anchor with this mattress. Critical to the achievement of this design is the unexpected item of art integrated into the makeup. The trio of ruffly throw cushions restates the colour story while adding more texture and variety.

38 Spatial, Inc..

When is a headboard not a headboard? When it’s a wall between two windows! This is a fantastic solution in a small area, where a more traditional bed can easily prove overwhelming. Wrapping the space in background makes it feel like a big, warm hug, but you might accomplish a similarly comfy look by using wallpaper only over the mattress.

By the way (I am jumping on my soapbox here), background always bicycles in and out of style. Don’t let that dictate whether you use it. It is only “out” if you aren’t a background individual, and it is just “in” if you are.

First Vision Limited

Whenever you have a room in which the mattress needs to “float,” what do you do? Think about a room-divider headboard. This ingenious solution does double duty by blocking the cupboard from perspective while making a dressing room ex nihilo. It also creates the headboard a primary style statement in the room.

Lanny Nagler Photography

For your money, nothing equals the impact you make it from paint. In this case chocolate suede paint with a red edge gives the impression of a substantial and weathered headboard, in the thriftiest potential method. Ralph Lauren’s line of suede paints is worth checking out.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Should you use a rug as a headboard, your options are nearly endless. Geometric, floral, striped, shaggy, needlepoint, neutral — the sky’s the limit.

There are a couple of caveats. Be certain that the rug is at least as wide as the mattress; it may even be wide enough to frame your nightstands. But beware of rugs that are narrower than your bed, as they will end up looking away — the headboard version of high-water pants.

Before buying rugs online, be sure to check the return policy. The rug the UPS man falls off at the doorway may vary from what you thought you’re getting.

Coleman Homes

My 10-year-old grandson, who is hovering over my shoulder as I write this, has tasked me with re-creating this headboard because of his bedroom. And can you blame him? If your youngster feels exactly the same, and you want to accomplish this bomb-diggity look on a budget, then haunt the regional thrift shops and garage sales. But if your budget allows, take a peek at Skateboards.com, where you can find a myriad of colorful and interesting boards from which to pick. In case you have skateboards hanging out in your garage, use them. You may add instant background to the room, together with eye-catching fashion.

CHIC Redesign

A couple of years ago my husband and I moved through a midlife crisis and moved to the nation. The only components of this move that weren’t an unmitigated disaster were : 1) our hens, and 2) the willow headboard Mike built for us from branches he took from our forests. I totally loved it, and also the design he picked defined classic nation. What I really like about this headboard is your superbly contemporary feeling it has. The linear layout of this twigs along with the neutral bedding and leather accents create a simple, clean and incredibly modern aesthetic.

Rough Linen

Repurposing driftwood to a headboard is your greatest presentation of turning found in to fabulous. This application is further enhanced by the accession of shells, and from the irregular manner the boards were applied to the wall. This could be perfect for a beach cabin bedroom plus a Shabby Chic–fashion condo.

Terra Firma Home

Think traditional canopied four-poster bed transmogrified into an eclectic, showstopping textural proclamation. The flooring used to do this look travels all the way up the wall and round the ceiling, making a dramatic announcement; the quotation inserted in the middle is the best exclamation point.

Although this is a complete headboard and footboard, I can’t pass it by. It reminds me old iron and brass beds — particularly if they’ve a headboard just — should not be excluded from this particular portfolio of ingenious designs.

If you’re short on resources for classic iron, then try Wesley Allen; it’s an American firm that provides a vast range of iron and also mixed-metal headboards and complete beds, in numerous finishes. I am usually pleasantly surprised by the prices.

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