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Any musician knows how easy it is to accumulate stacks and stacks of sheet music. I played the piano for many years as a child, and by high school I could barely shut my piano bench because of an accumulation of every song under the stars. If you’re running into this issue and are just one impatient burst from throwing it all from the recycling bin, take a deep breathe and reevaluate; that sheet music might have another life.

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Sheet music has a wonderful visual feel, including unexpected appeal to any type of vignette. Cut it into playful shapes, such as hearts for Valentine’s Day, and incorporate it in your place setting. You might want to laminate the sheets if you want them to continue through more than just one sitting, especially when ice cream is included.

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Get creative by turning your sheet music into a wreath. To find out how to produce your own, visit Miss Mustard Seed’s website article.

There is something about antique books I will never get enough of. But occasionally their covers are in dire shape or even missing. Give them a fresh look by covering them in sheet music.

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Working the sheet music over just the spine also makes a creative impact.

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Sheet music has a method of singing by itself, so why not treat it like a piece of art? Buy inexpensive frames and let your sheet music take center stage.

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Search for creative areas to place your framed sheet music. Consider placing it on a coffee table as the base of a vignette.

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A bookshelf full of knickknacks and paintings has lots of goodies; including sheet music into the trunk grounds the whole look.

This idea requires barely any effort at all: simply decorate the top of your dresser with it. Not only can this provide an intriguing element, but it can also work as a protective layer for your dresser’s end. Take it a step further by topping the look with a glass to protect the dresser and the sheet music.

There are no guidelines on the way you work your sheet music in your decor. Throw rhyme and reason out the door and decorate your walls with all of your favourite tunes. Contain aged sheets together with fresh ones so you’ve varied shades of neutrals.

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This designer supplied this antique chair with a freely applied sheet music backdrop for an eclectic look.

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In case you’ve got empty jars around, it is possible to roll up your sheet music into scrolls and pop them in.

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