Traditional Country Style Speaks to a New Generation

Whether it’s traditional Americana, the mauve and powder blue nation appearance of the ’80s or, most recently, shabby chic, the idea of country-style living and designing has been a part of our vernacular for quite a while. There’s a reason that nation living and styling never truly die. They’re bred into our genes and hark back to our origins in America. Sometimes sparse, sometimes rustic, occasionally kitschy but always homey, country living is a fashion which speaks to our hearts.

Dreamy Whites

Whether you enjoy country music, line dancing and rodeos, it’s a rare soul who doesn’t like a view of wide-open plains, crisp white paint along with a floor so smooth it feels just like silk underfoot.

State design’s threads stem from rural living that is real. Paintings of cows and figurines of rabbits may go in and out of fashion, but a passion for animals remains. Color schemes may drift from pastels to muddy tones to crisp, bright contrasts, but they’re always inspired by nature’s palette. We might try to escape the state style of our elders, but a beautiful view of character will always entice us to come right back.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Perhaps you’re a bit less rustic on your own style. You adore crisp nation whites and visions of pastoral alive, but cowboy hats aren’t for you. Try inserting beadboard, backyard rolls at a fresh finish and rock to get a classic, dignified country-manor look.


You may also work state influences into a sleek and contemporary kitchen. The horse prints operate within this space, thanks to repetition and a very clear contrast between the deep brownish foreground and plain white backdrop.

Your interpretation of state style might be more whimsical, taking cues from ranches and rodeos instead of cottages and cabins. This classic neon sign is the perfect offbeat accessory to provide an open wall a shot of personality.

RTA Studio Residential Architects

Possibly the most iconic picture of state style is the barn. Whether it’s vivid red, blinding white or rustic brown, then a barn is always a pleasing sight when you’re driving down a country road. Updating the timeless barn with clean lines, a midtone wood and attractive windows and dormers provides new life to a classic favorite.

Beard + Riser Architects

Perhaps your design veers even further from the conventional barn appearance, yet you like the idea of rustic country styling. Note this contemporary rendition of a farmhouse, which takes cues from barns, shacks and chicken coops alike — all with modern flair and contemporary lines.


An oversize portrait of a cowboy hard in the office changes up this traditional living room. The picture blends well with the room’s palette on account of the desaturation of this print.

Justine Hand

Simply adding a coat of whitewash and spacious shelving to a kitchen recalls eras gone by, when many of people who lived in the country could not afford cabinetry.

The Virginia House

Whether you’re going to get a full-scale nation vibe or just a glimpse of yesteryear, nation styling is able to make your house feel like home.

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