The Glass Bathroom Wall: Love It or Lose It?

Glass walls in architecture really are nothing new. You will sometimes see them behave as an whole wall of windows, or an unobtrusive yet protective side into a stairwell. But how can you feel when glass walls are used to enclose the restroom? It is no secret that glass walls remove a certain level of privacy, but just how much is too much? Whether the glass wall in question is an exterior or interior wall, it may leave a lot to bare. Have a look at these options and inform us what you think.

Elad Gonen

Thought in query: the glass wall. Taking a shower in this bathroom would leave little to the imagination.

Elad Gonen

An opaque line through the center of this glass wall will not offer a little more privacy, but your proportions would have to be just right to keep everything to yourself.

Elad Gonen

Somebody lounging in bed does not have view in this example. But all is lost when the corner has been turned.

Elad Gonen

It appears like a number of the bathroom is kept confidential behind the black part of this glass wall. The side assists the overall space feel somewhat bigger.

MusaDesign Interior Design

From different pictures of this room, I know this bedroom sports a large window that looks out over the town of Seattle. Most likely, the designer wanted the person in the bathroom to be able to enjoy the view as well. Would you want this type of view from the bathroom if it meant giving up privacy?


Here’s the other side of the dime: the outside glass wall. Let us hope the men and women that have access to this rooftop would be the homeowners!

Contemporary house architects

Better be sure the landscapers aren’t set to arrive throughout a bath in this tub, or everybody could be in for a surprise.

Elliott Kaufman

I have to admit, you can never beat a view of the water, particularly by a shower. Just look out for canoes!

Marcus Gleysteen Architects

This wall of windows surely lets the light shine in. Regrettably, it may aid a wandering eye as well.

Winn Wittman Architecture

This view appears to be at a blocked-off place, which would give me some reassurance. I could see a very relaxing evening in this bathtub.

Inform us! Would you trade privacy for more perspectives from the bath?

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