To Re-Stain a Futon Frame

Wood futon frames include a component that is conventional into a piece of furniture. Over time wood futon frames can display signs of use, as the the final wears away or becomes scratched or nicked. A piece of furniture will make a space seem dated. You update the area when you update your futon by sanding and re-finishing the body.

Remove the mattress after which disassemble body to the futon. Remove and dismantle the spring assistance which is secured to the primary body of the frame. Futons will will need an Allen wrench to do this, but some might need an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver.

Store components and all fasteners in a spot that is secure and consider the body parts right into a big area with excellent ventilation.

Lay sheets of plastic or a big drop fabric on the floor or the ground, and after that to ensure they’re independent from each other, set the frame parts on top.

Brush fluid paint stripper onto an area of the front-side of the piece of the body. Work in small sections so the stripper doesn’t dry before it is possible to clean it away. The wood is soft, or in case your futon frame is early, use paint stripper into a small area of of the wood that is painted and perform it in to the aged end using fine steel-wool as an alternative.

Wait before the the conclusion starts to bubble, and wipe the location using a rag. Continue implementing the stripper to the complete piece to eliminate every one of the finish.

Rinse the wood and after that continue following the sam-e method together with all the body parts.

Scrape off any end the stripper h-AS not removed utilizing a paint scraper, but be mindful perhaps not to gouge the wood.

Sand the wood easy once it h-AS dried utilizing 120-grit sand-paper for tough spots, then end-sand the complete piece with 220-grit. As you sand follow the grain of the wood.

Wipe the dirt from each piece utilizing a tack fabric. Ensure that you simply clean every one of the joints in the body out.

Stir the woodstain completely utilizing a paint stirrer. Don’t shake the stain to a void bubbles that are undesired. Continue to sti R often as you perform.

Brush the stain after the grain of the wood, on one facet of the piece of the body. Each stroke, operating again the stain back to the region that was last coated to a void lap marks. Use a natural-bristle brush if you’re utilizing an oil-centered stain. In the event you are using water-centered stain, use polyester or ny-lon bristles.

Wait a T least 1-0 minutes to permit the stain and wipe the extra stain using a cloth up.

Continue staining and wiping till you’ve coated the whole piece, and do the sam e using the remaining pieces of the body. If you’re capable to stand each piece up, it is possible to stain either side of the body items. Stain one facet for this to dry before staining the other side and wait.

Allow the stain to dry for 2-4 hours before re assembling the futon body.

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