7 Inspiring Room Addition Ideas

Doing vinyl siding installation in your home is a great way of maximizing space. What’s more, you’ll get a new room to enjoy. If you are worried about the costs, then you can rent it out and you’ll recoup your investment in no time. Of course, you’ll first need a few room addition ideas to begin with, and that’s what this article is all about.

Space Maximus Room Addition

vinyl siding repair is all about maximizing both the physical and the perceived space. To achieve this, you’d want to have a high vaulted ceiling. Then, you can add a French door and a couple of large windows. You’d also want to paint the room with neutral colors for better light reflection, which is good at expanding the perceived space.

Economical Room Addition

If your biggest concern is to minimize the cost of the room addition, then you can go with something that’s economical. First, you’d want the room addition on the first floor. Then, all you need to do is to lay a foundation and the framing walls. Add a skylight and the windows. It’s economical, efficient, and stylish.

Conservatory or Sunroom Room Addition

If you want something in the lines of a sunroom or conservatory, then you’d want to start with lots of wood framing. A fireplace is also a great addition. Most importantly, you’d want the roof to be mostly made of skylight windows. Lastly, you’d want a vaulted ceiling and giant windows.

Modular Octagon Room Addition

If you want a vinyl siding services that’s somewhat separate from the house but is still linked via an enclosed walkway, then you can try a modular octagon. Because of the octagon shape, it’s easy to build and connect to the main house. You also get plenty of new space. The octagon shape can even house a garage, laundry room, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Vaulted Ceiling Room Addition

If you want something that’s simple and economical while maximizing space at the same time, then you should focus on a room addition with a vaulted ceiling as the main feature. Also, lean towards a lot of windows, soaring ceiling, and open shelving to further maximize the space.

Family Room Addition

If the family is getting bigger, then a family room addition is a great idea. The new family room is the perfect spot for the family to lounge and bond. When it comes to decorating the family room, all you need are plenty of sitting spaces. If the budget allows, a fireplace is a great addition. You’d also want a lot of horizontal spaces where the family members can place their mementos, awards, sports equipment, books, and more.

Shipping Container Room Addition

A shipping container room addition is a great idea as it’s durable and structurally sound. The exterior is rust-resistant and fire resistant. It’s also fast to build as you just need to prepare the ground and place the shipping container. From then on, it’s all about taking care of the interior. If in the future you think you could need another room addition, then you can just get another shipping container and stack it on top of the old one.