The best way to Prune a Puppy Tail Cactus

Selenicereus testudo, or the puppy tail cactus, is called the cactus due to the long, broad, thick vine construction. This species is one of hundreds in the Selenicereus family. This specific succulent thrives outside in Sunset Climate Zone 2 4, but it’s a typical indoor house plant in locations that are cooler. With excellent drainage in sandy soil as well as a warm, vibrant place, puppy tail cactus doesn’t require regular pruning. If vines become diseased, die, become leggy due to light, or over-grow the the area you offer, it is possible to prune them to preserve the general health of the plant.

Put on heavy duty garden gloves. The puppy tail cactus has leaves that irritate the skin and will pierce your skin. Use long-sleeves at the same time, in the event that you need to reach to the center of your puppy tail cactus. Wear socks and sneakers, not sandals. The more clothes you use, the less opportunity you’ll get a backbone in your epidermis.

Spread a big paper sheet or a drop cloth on the ground keep spines and to catch the cuttings contained.

With rubbing alcohol to avoid spreading illness to your own dog tail cactus from prior pruning actions or from a storage shelf sterilize a pair of pruning shears.

Start in the conclusion of a broken or dead vine of the puppy tail cactus. Before you achieve tissue follow the vine toward the roots. Keep shifting until you achieve the first wholesome section joint of the vine in the finish. Cut the vine again at this joint the broken part is take off. Only healthful tissue should be shown by the cut crosssection. Commence in the conclusion in the event the vine is extremely lengthy and thick before you reach a wholesome joint, and reduce it straight back. As the plant h-AS become leggy, identified as etiolation should you be trimming, trim it off in a joint above the slim, spindly section. Move the puppy tail cactus in to stronger mild to prevent etiolation.

Let the drop on the floorcovering. If you are finished, roll the floorcovering carefully up and spot it in the trashbin.

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