The best way to Measure Windows for Draperies

The best window treatments may take a room from dull to wow with small work. Curtains are usually the biggest product on a wall, so the eye is naturally drawn by them. Badly drapes stand out as well as make the area decor seem un-attractive or haphazard. Measuring the window correctly assures you you choose the correct- dimension draperies for the window opening, permitting the curtains to to fit the windows as opposed to detracting from from their website, and space.

Determine the type of curtains required for for the window. Curtains should hang under the the sill to the very best of the windowsill or the bottom of the apron. Floor-length drapes hang to within 1 inch of the ground.

Measure the width of the window over the very best curtain rod, using a tape measure. Measure the the length between the finish brackets.

Add 3″ onto the width measurement for flat-panel curtains to give overlap when the curtains are closed. The measurement for total drapes. Record this measurement.

Place the conclusion of the tape measure in the middle of the rod and measure down to the required bottom level of the curtain apron sill or ground. Record this measurement as the curtain size.

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