Take Your Headboard

A headboard that extends past the borders of your mattress produces a striking focal point that visually expands both the wall behind the bed and the mattress itself. Often, that the extra-wide headboard is long enough to extend past nightstands, helping the mattress and its counterparts turned into one cohesive look. If you’re seeking to change up your mattress’s look, this may be precisely the twist you’re looking for.

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Annette English

To create a feeling of depth, extend your headboard down all of the way to the ground.

It’s inevitable the extra-wide headboard elicits a certain air of play, especially when it is a contrasting black headboard against white linens. This headboard accentuates the broad wall by simply extending all of the way to its borders.

Recessed downlights in the ceiling emphasize the art and provide this additional wide headboard a classy glow. The tufts supply an unexpected traditional spin.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Highlight an additional wide headboard much more by putting it onto a wooden backboard. The layered effect gives a dimension into the space.

Amy Lau Design

This headboard uses two separate wooden panels to expand the width. In additon, the ends of these panels include a little shelf, ideal for essential bedside items.

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Another wooden headboard with shelves. The curved top of the gives the natural substance urban appeal.

Molly McGinness Interior Design

If you already possess a headboard but would love to expand it, you may have the ability to add panels rather than buying a whole new headboard.

Molly McGinness Interior Design

Here’s the exact same headboard from above in full view. You would never know it may have started off the width of the mattress.

Annette English

If you have rather simply linens, you may consider a patterned headboard. When it is extra wide and lengthens into the ground, it is going to add a pinch of modern texture to your area.

Elad Gonen

The wall behind your bed is actually the only limit to how wide you want your headboard. Play with the width: you will likely realize that its striking gesture increases with scale.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

If you truly wish to turn up the play, start your headboard and expand it equally – and length-wise. Pendant lights that hang in front of the headboard act functionally as task lighting and by simply including a coating.

Habachy Designs

Turn it up more by simply pushing on the extra wide, extra long headboard into a recessed section of this wall. Light it with a gentle glow and you’ll sleep like a fantasy.

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