Houzz Interview: "From the Correct Lender" Alek's Seattle House

It is no secret that some of us at Houzz (me) are somewhat obsessed with all matters France. Consequently, it was love at first sight when we found in The Right Bank to the Left Coast, a weblog written by former Paris resident (and present Seattleite) Alek.

On her website, Alek shares her style inspirations, that can come come from around the area, and photographs of the house she shares with her partner. Alek’s capability to combine modern style with traditional components is not unimpressive, to say the least. Her sense of design is detail-oriented in the severe – her home is full of vignettes that are wonderful and totally styled corners – and more than the usual small inspirational.

We Are delighted that Alek was ready to talk about her narrative, and her residence, with the Houzz neighborhood:

Please inform us about your “first assembly” along with your house.

we’d come to Seattle for several days on a home hunting trip as well as to the 1st day, our real estate agent took us to a home that has been in the initial phases of the building period. In that state, we understood that we’d discovered an ideal house the the moment we walked in

What’s step one of your decorating procedure?

The primary thing I usually do would be to try various layouts. I certainly will produce every potential scenario and really like space preparation. The remaining decoration will fall in to spot once I locate the one which feels appropriate.

What’s the largest decorating obstacle you have confronted?

Actually the sole challenge continues to be striving to make all the designs I adore work collectively in a modern design house. (See below.)

Explain your chosen design as well as colours.

I adore a lot of styles, every-thing from Scandinavian contemporary and French neo-classical to what’s usually referred to as diverse and bohemian. It’s the sam e task with colours. I adore just about every colour but my favourite shade for my house is not black. I frequently dream of having an all-whitehouse.

What Is the one place in your house which makes you most pleased or proud?

I believe I’m most proud of our diningroom. My home is for ever a workinprogress but the diningroom is the one-room that feels “ doesn’t want any mo-Re tweaking and ended”. (At least for now!)

What Is your most valuable accessory, piece of furniture or work art?

The matters I’d snatch in case of a fire would be the antique paintings that hang in our livingroom. First art isn’t although most items are not irreplaceable.

What Is your next house job?

I want to expand our rear veranda to produce a bigger seating area.

What are the 5 points that houzz visitors should know about your website?

1. I began my site s O that I arrived up using the name after I went to Seattle from your correct bank of Paris. It doesn’t have something related to monetary institutions(!)

2. I’m an artist therefore it’s really vital that you me that my site is visually satisfying. I actually try to utilize just pictures and truly lovely pictures.

3. I weblog about my house but expect that my viewers are inspired by it and offers them suggestions they’re able to utilize inside their very own residences.

4. I up to now, haven’t overlooked a day and post every week-day.

5. After layout, my fixation is traveling where I discuss excellent layout inspiration from resorts all over the world, and I’ve a weekly function called Touring.

What’s your very best suggestion for the decorating novice?

Don’t feel forced to get every-thing perfectly all at the same time. Find things you actually love rather than purchasing something to make and take your time do.

Thanks therefore significantly, Alek, for checking your awesome house to every one at Houzz!

This outside table that is extended is from an Foods & Wine characteristic about chateaux.

The living area is just one of Alek’s favourite places – for now.

Alek’s all-white bedroom is this kind of safety.

With attentive arrangement, publications become a work art.

Details such as this place environment are Alek’s specialization.

The dressing table organization is stunning.

Great as France is, this contemporary Seattle kitchen h-AS it all over that which you’d see in Paris.