Revel in Retro With Vintage and New Kitchen Appliances

For a charming kitchen, the curves and happy color palette of classic and contemporary appliances beat stainless steel each moment. However, where do you locate these appliances? And what about restoring vintage stoves and refrigerators? Is the cost worth it? Join us as we answer these questions, and get motivated by some beautiful examples of classic and vintage-look appliances at kitchens.

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Vintage or retro — what is the difference? Classic appliances are real original versions; generally the most enviable are from the 1940s to early 1960s. They might be refurbished to glistening perfection or bear the scuffs and scratches of several years of usage. Retro appliances, on the other hand, are new versions created to look like favored designs from years past.

Restoration source: The cooker shown here is a classic Wedgewood, revived by Chuck’s Appliance Service at South Pasadena, California. Search your regional listings for an appliance service — the more it has been in business, the better.

Retro source: Elmira Stoveworks is a great resource for stainless appliances, including the refrigerator and cooker shown here. Its Retro Northstar collection gets the classic curves and fun colors of classic 1950s appliances.

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Know your classic brands. When you’re in the market for a classic appliance, familiarize yourself with some of the most well-known brands from the period that interests you. Shown here is a completely restored classic Magic Chef cooker. Other manufacturers to watch for include Wedgewood, Hotpoint, Chambers and Frigidaire.

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What about the Price Tag? Restoring classic appliances can be extremely costly, with most fully refurbished versions going for well over $3,000. Nevertheless, it is possible to get lucky and encounter a classic stove in great working condition for a small price. The classic stove shown here was bought for $45.

Sources for classic appliances: Try Antique Appliances for revived stoves and refrigerators from the 1920s to 1950s. Dream Stoves also has a rotating collection of professionally restored classic stoves.

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Retro source: Big Chill creates a full range of decorative appliances (such as the refrigerator shown here) at a rainbow of vibrant colors. Choose from refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, wall ovens and even dishwashers in a assortment of sizes.

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Layout icon: Smeg refrigerators. You have probably seen this Italian-designed refrigerator with its curvaceous ’50s shape gracing kitchens on your favourite shelter mags. It’s the vibe of a American refrigerator from that era, but with simpler, cleaner lines.

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Smeg Refrigerator, Pink – $1,999

Retro source: After difficult to find in the States, Smeg fridges are now accessible through West Elm at a assortment of tasty colors.


Design Icon: The Aga. A beauty without a doubt, the classic Aga cooker is a Swedish design that gained tremendous popularity in Great Britain as that the assortment of selection.

Tell us Have you had a classic appliance restored? Found a retro cooker you love? Share your favourite sources in the Comments.

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