How to Dispose of Landscaping Rocks

If landscaping stones don’t fit your gardening style and you have obtained a home in which the previous owners used stone everywhere, or if you have stones leftover from a gardening project, you will want to dispose of them correctly. You can’t simply put landscaping stones on the curb with your household trash. Instead, look to your neighbors and area businesses to find an outlet for the unwanted stones.

Collect all of the stones into piles, which makes a separate pile for each type of rock. Keep pea gravel separate from river rock and if you can, divide the rock by type, which makes separate stacks for granite stones and limestone rocks, for example.

Spray the stones with water to eliminate as much of the surface debris as you can. You don’t have to scrub each rock with a brush, but you will find it easier to get rid of the rock if you make an effort to eliminate any soil, grass or leaves debris.

Provide the landscaping stones to your neighbors. If they have use for them, then they can usually take them quickly. In addition to asking neighbors with whom you’re friends, you can provide them at your next homeowner association meeting or community event.

Advertise the rocks at no cost or for sale in the regional paper, community bulletin or about a free classifieds website. Include in the advertisement whether the stones are for pick-up just or if you’re eager to deliver. The ad should also explain whether people may pick up just a small quantity of rocks or should they must take all of them.

Donate the landscaping rock to your charitable thrift shop that manages landscaping and building supplies. These type of shops sell your unwanted rocks at a reasonable prize, and the profits support great causes.

Call local landscaping companies to find out whether they would be ready to buy the stones or haul them off for free. Professional landscapers have access to numerous customers and can usually use the stones right away.

Contact local landscaping rock dealers, gravel companies or asphalt organizations to offer you the rocks. If landscaping rock dealers can’t pass the stones on for additional landscaping applications, the stones can be produced into smaller gravel pieces or used in asphalt.

Haul the stones to your landfill, and pay to dispose of the stones by the pound, if needed. Rarely if you ever have to pay to dispose of rocks because so many outlets will take them at no cost. If you’re unable to provide the stones away after two months, this might be your best option.

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