3 Fragrant Storage Spots

A space that’s maximized effectively is a work of art, and people that are in a position to do it with ease are what I like to call “spatial artists.” For many folks, this gift comes naturally. But for people who find it more of a battle, don’t worry — there are tons of tried-and-true tactics that will help you get the most out of any space. Here are a couple ways that just may bring out your internal spatial artist.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

We are going to take a look at three main spaces in your house where you’ll want to maximize space: cabinets, walls and the doorway insides.


Have a look right now at the area above each door or entryway space in your property. A shelf can easily be placed up high to keep house staples or screen decoration.

Among the greatest spots to place an over-the-door shelf in the bathroom to stash bathroom paper or extra towels. It usually goes unnoticed and works like a charm.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

This over-the-entryway shelf seems like it’s showing off memorabilia and ornamental items.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

I love this shelf blending in with the colour of the walls so that the eyes don’t necessarily stop to detect what’s stored on it.

Crystal Kitchen + Bath

Hooks are an oldie but a goody and can’t be used enough in my view. I really like the traditional appearance of hooks and their capacity to be placed just about everywhere.

Notice the large shelf in this image. Not only is it practical, but the items placed on it create the space feel cozy — score!

Actual-Size Architecture

This is optimizing space — an open shelf below the window for easy accessibility to cookbooks.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

Open shelving happens to be among my faves, directly supporting hooks, for optimizing distance.

Kimball Starr Interior Design

At the office, utilize open shelving over any desk to house:

Reference books
A printer
Magazine documents for jobs
decorative office provides

Melissa Lenox Design

Inside this space, the white shelving will help to produce the wall colour pop while storing home office products.

What else can you think of to shop on shelving?

Just a Girl

If you don’t wish to drill into your walls, metro shelving is a fabulous solution. As soon as it’s seen here in the garage, I enjoy the appearance of subway shelving in the kitchen due to its chrome finish. You can even add clear mats so that items stand tall and are sturdy.


Ikea is a superb place to shop for chrome rails that can hang everything from kitchenware to jewellery. Going vertical never seemed so great.

Tina Kuhlmann

This idea is genius for any crafter or present giver. Dowels placed under a cabinet permit you to realize your wrapping while accessing it with ease.



If you become aware of a great deal of negative space on your cabinets, make sure you use the adjustable shelves.

Take each of the shelves out and organize items by category.
Store the heavier, bulkier items at the bottom and set the first shelf about 1 to 3 inches over the tallest thing.
Take a different category of items and again, place the next shelf over the tallest thing.

If your cabinet isn’t equipped with adjustable shelves, grab some inexpensive shelf risers (aka shelf helpers). You can Locate Them at Target, The Container Store and Ikea.

ShelfGenie National

Home supply stores carry shelves that permit you to use every inch of cabinet space. They often come in wood or wire and are easy to install.

Top picks:
Ikea’s Rationell pull-out waste sorting trayThe Container Store’s bamboo roll-out cabinet drawersRev-A-Shelf cabinet organizers

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Here’s an idea: Eliminate cabinet doors where you are able to use the interior to flaunt your wrapping paper station, together with dowels as organizers.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc..

Shelf dividers work good for keeping items filed and neat. I’ve also seen small tension sticks that do the work equally as well as custom organizers.


For those folks who enjoy our stuff out of sight, moving vertical on doors is the perfect option. Smaller items appear to function best on cabinet doors, as you don’t wish to overload the doorway or make it difficult to close.

The Container Store

Over-the-door organizers can package larger items and come in chrome, plastic or canvas.

Inform us What other areas in your house are go-to spots for maximizing distance? Have you got any tools or tips for storing more stuff?

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