Trees That Have Yellow Hanging Flowers

Flowering trees are an attractive and useful choice to get a landscaping program. The trees offer shade for outside enjoyment or to aid in cooling a house, while gorgeous blooms that improve the look of your lawn are provided by the flowers. You will find a number of trees with hanging flowers that are yellow, including Water’s Golden Chaintree, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang as well as the Golden Shower tree.

Water’s Golden Chaintree

The Golden Chaintree of water is called laburnum x watereri. This tree grows to a peak of 15 to 22 feet using a branch spread of 15 to 20-inches. It’s a hybrid and blooms twice a year in early summer and spring. The tree is seen as a long, bright-yellow strings of flowers that will last for as much as two months on olive green branches. Seedpods, which are poisonous and needs to be cleared are produced by the fresh fruit.


The Rosewood tree is called the Satisfaction of Bolivia or from the name of Tipuana tipu. The tree is indigenous to the forest region of South America and grows best in moist, well-drained soil. This tree is a semi-evergreen with slim leaves of a bluish green colour accented by teams of drooping yellow flowers that are golden. The tree grows to an extraordinary dimensions, with a width of 40 to 60-feet along with heights between 30 and 50-feet. This flower creates plenty of nectar that attracts bees and ought to be planted away from houses to decrease the incidence of stings.


The Ylang Ylang tree is well-known because of its fragrance that is distinctive — its flowers are frequently employed by the perfume business. The tree grows to heights between 30 and 55 feet and widths of 12 to 20-feet and is indigenous to South-East Asia. The branches of the tree resemble willow branches having a droop. The flowers seem just like a banana and so are clustered together in little teams, which are surrounded by drooping leaves. The tree is fast-growing, but nevertheless, prolonged periods of large winds or reduced temperatures can damage it.

Golden Shower Tree

Golden Shower Tree, or the cassia fistula, is indigenous to India and Southern Asia and gives an impressive exhibit of flowers. The tree sheds its leaves throughout the blooming period to expose the flowers that are vivid. These flowers are grouped in big configurations, which sway. The period leads to June, as well as the flowers produce brownish pods with salmon- seeds. The tree grows to 3-0 to 60-feet having a spread of 2-0 to 40-feet. The bark of the tree is sleek, as well as the tree is famous to entice butter flies and birds.

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