Tips for Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage

You should always take floodwater seriously. Even if there’s only an inch of water in your basement, this can lead to mold growth and will eventually cause further damage to your property.

So aside from calling your insurance company after a flood, below are a few water damage Los Angeles tips that you should keep in mind:

Disconnect the Power

You will have more chances of saving the items if you get them out of the water as soon as possible. For your safety, make sure you move all electronics first. Turn the power off, especially if the water has reached the electrical outlets.

Get Rid of the Water

The most important step in Los Angeles water damage is to get rid of the water. There are many ways to do this and if you don’t have electricity, it is best to do it manually. Grab some buckets, towels, and mops to soak the water. If the sewers in your neighborhood are not backed up, pour the water down the drain. You can also use a wet and dry vacuum to remove the water. Be careful with using any electricity when getting rid of the floodwater since the electrical wire might short out and lead to a nasty shock.

Dry Out the Affected Area

After you are done mopping all the water out, use fans and dehumidifier to dry the area. If rain has already stopped, open the windows in order to allow the air to circulate and dry the surface fast.

Disinfect the Area

After you have dried out the area, including the insulation, wooden beams and drywall, use a disinfectant to kill any bacteria that may have gotten into the toilets and sewers. Disinfect the areas that have been affected by floodwater, including wood, walls and furniture items.

Prevent Mold Growth

When you are done disinfecting the area, leave it to dry. Apply a mold control spray all throughout the affected area. Spray it on the walls, furniture, floors and pretty much any area that’s susceptible to mold.

Dispose of All Damaged Items

Before you throw all damaged items into a dumpster, consider organizing the damaged goods into piles. Sort through the items and see if there are any products that can still be recycled. You should take them to recycling centers instead. By doing so, you can somehow help to alleviate the pressure in your local landfill.

Visit the waste management website of your local town to find the areas where you can recycle stained items, old paints, adhesives as well as those items that have been exposed to toxic substances. Find out where you can dispose electronic items such as a damaged TV, mobile phones, computer, appliances etc.

Hopefully, these water damage restoration Los Angeles tips above will you some idea on how you can restore your home after a severe flood.