The way to Install a Iron Railing on Open Stairs

An open staircase without a railing is an accident waiting to happen. Many individuals don’t feel comfortable walking up or down a set of open staircase that doesn’t have a sturdy hand railing installed for assistance. You may install an iron railing on open staircase — regardless of whether the stairs are wooden, carpeted, covered or concrete with tile — in just a few hours using some fundamental hand-operated tools. A well-built iron railing will make the staircase safer and increase their beauty as well.

Measure two inches inward from the outside edge of each stair tread edge. Make a light pencil mark. Then measure two inches inward from the front edge of each tread and create a second pencil mark aligned with the first.

Position the new iron railing on the staircase. Align the side and front edges of each mounting bracket with the pencil marks on each stair tread. Put a pencil mark through each bracket hole. Lift the railing off of the staircase and set it aside.

Insert a drill bit into a power drill. Predrill holes in each of the pencil marks. Use a 3/8-inch masonry bit if you are drilling into concrete stairs. Alternatively, use a 1/4-inch twist bit if the stair treads are wood. Drill a pilot hole through each of the hole places. Tap a masonry anchor to each of the holes with a hammer when the treads are concrete.

Reposition the stair rail above the staircase. Align the mounts with the predrilled bolt holes. Hold a flat on the edges of the railing to be sure the railing is plumb. If the railing tilts to one side, slip a thin fender washer over the bolt holes involving the railing mounts and the stair treads on the short side of the railing to shim the railing and square it to the staircase.

Insert an anchor bolt through each of the mounting holes and tighten the bolt to the stair treads, employing a socket set. Check the railing for plumb after tightening each the bolts. If the railing is out of plumb, pull out the bolts to the short side and insert another fender washer to even the railing before reattaching the bolts.

Push and pull firmly on the railing to check the installation.

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