The way to Calculate How Many Sprinklers I Need

An effective sprinkler system for your own lawn waters all of your bud without watering places outside your lawn. Watering non-lawn places wastes water. In order to have a sprinkler system which works well, accurately calculate the number of sprinkler heads required. Then it is possible to set up your lawn’s irrigation program and then never have to be concerned about dry spots or overwatered places.

Measure the dimensions of the lawn with measuring tape. Draw your lawn to scale a sheet of chart paper with every square on the paper equal to 1 square foot of lawn space.

Multiply the diameter of the circular spray pattern of the sprinkler you would like by 50 percent, or 0.50. The outcome is the spacing to work with between sprinkler heads and rows of sprinklers. If, for instance, the sprinkler’s spray pattern is 6 feet across, then you would place the sprinklers 3 feet apart from each other as 6 x 50 percent = 3.

Sketch the places of the sprinklers on the chart paper drawing of the lawn. Start at the corners, and then use 1 dot to each sprinkler. Add rows of dots in order that the dots are spaced according to the space you calculated to work with between sprinklers.

Mark the dots at the corners using a one-quarter circle so you know that those sprinkler heads will need to spray in just 90-degree arcs instead of complete, 360-degree circles. Draw those one-quarter circles in another color in order that they are simple to see on the drawing.

Make one-half circles next to the dots across the border of the lawn in the drawing, but for the dots in the corners. Use a third color to attract those one-half circles. Every one of those lawn-border sprinkler heads should spray in just a one-half circle, 180 degrees.

Count the entire number of plain dots you have on the drawing, and write down that number. The number is how many sprinkler heads you need to spray in a complete circle, 360 degrees. Count the dots on the boundaries marked with one-half circles, and take note of that number. Count the corner dots using one-quarter circles, and write down that number.

Add all of the sprinkler numbers. The outcome is the number of sprinkler heads you need to water your lawn thoroughly without wasting water on the sidewalk or driveway.

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