Reader Photographs: A Vacation Table for the Fowl

While sitting at her computer, believing it might be interesting to get something joyful to appear at out the window Houzz member Sherri Mathers of Two Tulips Speaking came up with this particular enchanting outside vignette. So she tripped to the thrift-store where she noticed a collection of Christmas dishes and thought, Why not a location setting for birds?

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She located a table cloth, tree center piece, candleholders, placemats, several doves as well as a bluejay, and outmaneuvered still another vacation shopper for a few Christmas silverware.

The vignette coated is kept by a backyard umbrella. Double-sided tape anchors the seed- filled dishes and provides a risk-free ridge to the birds. Candles light the scene at evening when the birds are a way.

Dinner is served.

“I love this this concept so much,” she states, “I am planning to do a spring and summer dining table environment.” Read more about Mathers’ job here.

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