Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Away This Summer

Nothing ruins a beautiful morning like spotting cockroaches, spider, ants or the presence of a mouse in your house. Check out these pest control Mesa AZ tips to keep those bugs away from your house this summer.

Block Them from your Home

Blocking the entry of these pests into your home is the first way. Check your window screens and repair if there are any holes. Check the areas around your windows and doors and block any gaps. If needed, consider replacing the window stripping.

Clean Your Kitchen

Even a pile of crumbs on your kitchen floor can attract ants and other tiny insects. Therefore, make sure your kitchen is free from any food spillage. Wipe your counters properly, sweep the floors well, throw the trash out regularly and put all your food in storage.

Remove Standing Water

Removing standing water is one of the best ways to control the presence of mosquitoes in your home. This is because any standing water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. The water is like an invitation for them to live in your home and start a big family. So throw any standing water away, check for any leaks and look for rainspouts that could lead to the accumulation of water in your home.

Maintain Your Yard

One of the most effective Mesa pest control tips is to keep your landscaping maintained well in order to avoid overgrowth. If you don’t maintain your yard properly, this area can serve as a breeding ground for pests. So trim the trees and bushes regularly, especially those that are near your house and rake all the debris.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Consume all your fruits and vegetables instead of leaving them to get overly ripe on your fridge or counter. Overripe produce can invite fruit flies into your home and removing them is such a headache.

Store Firewood Properly

Do not give termites easy access to your home. If you’re storing firewood, keep them properly in storage or in your shed. Keep them as far away as possible from your house. The minimum distance should be five feet, but if you can store them even farther away, then the better. Also, make sure you store them in racks above ground.

Don’t Throw Meat Outside

Avoid throwing meat scraps outside too soon, except if your garbage is going to be collected in the next 48 hours. Rotting meat under a summer sun could easily invite unwanted pests into your yard.

Inspect Swings and Outdoor Furniture

Another important pest control Mesa tip is to regularly inspect the chains and corners of your outdoor furniture, especially your wooden swing sets. Check for any presence of spider webs and egg sacks. Remove them immediately when you see them.

Don’t Bring Outside Things Inside

Keep outdoor toys outdoors and inside toys indoors. However, if you must bring a toy from the outdoor to the indoor, make sure you wipe it thoroughly well.