New Classics: Philippe Starck Gnomes

I really like it when designers don’t take design or themselves too seriously. That is why I adore Philippe Starck so much. The designer took the omnipresent garden gnome and flipped it into a kitschy table. I almost wonder if somebody asked him to determine if he could acquire stylish modern retailers to carry a vibrant garden gnome (they do, because of him). Whatever the story, these merry characters will never lose their charm.


Gnomes by Kartell – $350

This gnome’s name is Attila, and he is happy to hold your cocktail or you, should you want a seat.

Patrick J. Baglino, Jr.. Interior Design

Hardworking gnomes were created to stand up to the elements and are a whimsical choice for an outdoor area.

Envision living

The gnomes are also offered in a limited edition series in solid gold or black. These are a more palatable solution for minimalists to add the tables that are quirky .

Switch Modern

Kartell Gnomes Napoleon Table-Stool – $359

This little man is named Napoleon, and it seems as if a person melted his pointy gnome head to a tabletop. He doesn’t appear to mind.

DSPACE Studio Ltd

Adding a Starck gnome is a great way to add a bit of personality to this wide-open contemporary space.

Johnson Berman

Here a Starck monster has made his way to a Mies condo building. The art in this room brings in the majority of the bright colors, so Napoleon the gnome draws the eye and relates back to it.

Grace Home Design

Attila makes a great side table next to a sofa or chair. While we tend to see him a lot in richly furnished rooms full of midcentury-modern iconic bits, the gnomes also work nicely in maximalist spaces full of colors and patterns.


Kartell – Saint Esprit Stool – $320

Both tables have a third product that goes with them. It’s a tree stump stool named Saint Esprit. In addition, it can be used inside and out, and in addition to a desk or a stool.

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