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It’s wonderful how technology has changed the plumbing globe. 1 item that is continuing to gain popularity, particularly in kitchens, is the signature faucet. These faucets or fittings have sensors located across the sink and handle the faucet. With a tap from hand, forearm or a finger, the stream of water is activated. Although these faucets may also function in manual modes, the signature style is fantastic for messy hands or full arms.

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Price: Most signature faucets start at around $350, with prices reaching $600 or more. The price can depend on where you shop, and a faucet consistently comes with a complete installation kit (including battery pack). Today, it’s no problem to find touch taps at major retailers — both online and in shops. If you search, you’ll locate these kitchen fittings for as low as $280 online.

Contemporary Bathroom Faucets – $348

Delta’s Touch2O is readily available for kitchen and bathroom faucets. The faucet features a proximity detector to automatically come on if you get close. The stream may also be activated by touch or manually using the handle. This no-brainer faucet makes it simple for your little ones to remember to conserve water while cleaning their teeth.

Kitchen Faucets – $699

Brizo also has a branded signature faucet technology, known as Smart Touch Technology, that is readily available for kitchen and bathroom faucets.

This bath faucet additionally has a proximity detector for completely hands-free activation.

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Delta Kitchen Faucets. Pilar Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet with – $405.73

Some retailers and manufacturers include a soap dispenser — like with this faucet — although it may cost more.


While this technology is principally touted for its ease of use (particularly with cluttered or full control) and ability to keep your kitchen tidy (and avoid cross-contamination) there are other advantages. As an example, these taps are a superb alternative for those who have dexterity or mobility issues.

Contemporary Kitchen Faucets – $567

The majority of these taps are considered ecofriendly, since they can help preserve water during food prep, use less water and also have automatic shut-offs. Many of these taps may contribute points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project certification.

The base of this faucet has a ring with an integrated LED light that indicates that the battery charge. When the light is constant and blue, the batteries are fully charged. When it begins to flash red, it’s time to change the batteries. You will also know if the batteries need changing if the signature on/off becomes irregular.


Cassidy Single Handle Pull-Down Bar/Prep Touch Faucet – $570

Most of today’s signature kitchen faucets include a pull-down spout and spray feature. They are available in a wide variety of designer finishes and styles, which may suit most kitchen styles. Note that some endings will cost significantly more than others.

As of now, touch taps just come in single-lever configurations, which may be used to operate the faucet manually, also.

Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet Battery Holder


Touch kitchen taps do require batteries to function successfully. These battery packs have to be changed out over time, which means you are always going to should have some on hand if you would like to use the touch-activated feature.

A number of these faucets are more sensitive than others. Some could be actuated with a light brush, which can be bothersome.

Additionally, there’s no way to adjust for temperature or water stream throughout the signature technology — that has to be done manually. Since the faucet handle controls the water’s off and on switch in addition to temperature and flow, adjusting to cold and hot without turning off the water completely can take some time to get used to.

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