Guest Groups: Give Your Home a Helping of Spring Greens

At any time each year, I start longing for spring days, warmer weather and sprouting greens. I’m always excited to get from the garden and begin spending more time outside. Helping me get ready is this group of housewares and garden goods inspired by spring greens. — Bonnie from Moving Home to Roost

Graham & Brown

Amy Butler Passion Lily Wallpaper, Field – $85

In this background, fire lilies burst upwards with new blooms. Adding it to a single wall as an accent or covering smaller areas like the back of a bookshelf would give a beautiful new pop of colour to any room.


Hanging Test Tube Vase by Pigeon Toe Ceramic – $38

These exquisite hanging test tube vases are made from ceramic and suspended by leather lace. I believe they would be lovely hung over a table or in front of a window.


Too by Blu Dot Hipper Dining Chair, Guacamole – $379.99

I’m slightly obsessed with those guacamole seats by Blu Dot. They are modern, simple and daring, and would make a beautiful statement in any room.

West Elm

Dramm Garden Hose, Yellow – $69.95

I love grabbing. Why not have a yellowish hose on your garden? There’s no reason that normal objects have to be boring!

West Elm

Hudson Valley Seeds, Herbs – $15

One of my favorite ways to begin spring would be by planting a few seeds. These herb seeds can get you started and provide you with fresh herbs all summer long.

West Elm

Chalkboard Planters – $6

These chalkboard planters are not only great looking, but practical too. Label each individual and do not worry about forgetting which herb is which.

West Elm

Industrial Pendant

Hanging a colorful industrial pendant like this one is an effortless way to add colour to a room.

West Elm

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils – $6

Ecofriendly bamboo kitchen utensils actually come to life handles. They would look especially cute peeking from a simple white utensils canister.


Tea Towel, Chartreuse by Miscellany Way – $18

Another fantastic way to earn colour is to use vibrant tones at the dinner table. These chartreuse tea towels would deliver a little whimsy and fun to any gathering.

West Elm

Smeg Refrigerator, Lime Green – $1,999

Getting a Smeg fridge is on my list of things to get a new residence. These ’50s-style refrigerators come in many colors, comprise useful storage spaces and are energy efficient.

West Elm

Bentwood Pendants – $169

Completely modern but vintage at precisely the same time, these Bentwood pendants are a beautiful accent above a dining table or with a dining room.


Chartreuse and Gray Jacobean Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Covers by Pop Up O’ Shade – $45

I love using throw cushions as a way to introduce a theme or accent colour to a room. They’re a great (and affordable) way to test a new idea or change up the feel of a room.


Club Moss Sofa With Piping – $1,199

This moss couch is such a beautiful earthy colour that it almost reads like a neutral. I especially love the lines that the white piping accents provide.


Chartreuse Mirrors, Little by Secret Window Mirrors – $34

One of my favorite DIY thoughts is sprucing up a few thrift-store items using an unexpected spray paint colour. With these two mirrors, the work is already done for you.


Perpetual Blooms Towels, Gold – $8

Bring these flowering beauties into a toilet to make your guests feel extra special. With so many colors to pick from, it is hard to decide which is my favorite!


Radana Rattan Bed – $1,298

I can not imagine ever having a bad dream while slumbering in this beauty. Chartreuse rattan was jumped together to create this truly lovely place to sleep.


Crewcut Square Sprout Appetizer Plate – $2.95

This stoneware starter plate would cause such a pretty demonstration. Serving greens, sushi or vivid red berries on it might make for a delightful display of colour.

West Elm

Dipped Wood Rolling Pin, Yellow – $19

Just roll with it. This Engineered timber rolling pin makes rolling dough a task to look forward to.


Savon De Marseille Hand Soap – $18

Having a special sort of hand soap is only one small way to delight in regular life. Stunning packaging and lovely fragrances will surely brighten your day.


Leisure Sprout Pillow – $39.95

A simple cushion is a excellent way.

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