DIY Money-Saving Kitchen Remodeling Tips

There’s so much money that you can save when you remodel your kitchen on your own. Where possible, you can even get help from your friends or family members to finish the work. DIY handyman Fort Collins CO can be a very fulfilling project when the end results are perfect.

Below are some useful tips to help you with your kitchen remodeling project:

Hanging Cabinets

Before you start working on the kitchen, remove all the drawers and cabinets. This is to make installation easier for you when you are done. It’s also a precautionary measure to prevent damage to the cabinets in the course of installation.

Have a pencil ready and mark the level of the cabinets on your walls before you proceed. Upon installation, start with the top cabinets. You should start installing from the corner sections and move to the center.

For the top cabinets, make sure their position is relative to that of the lower cabinets. Make sure that the thickness of the kitchen countertop is the same as the height of the lower cabinet. The space between the lower cabinet and the upper cabinet should be no more than 18 inches. Also, make sure that the bottom of the top cabinet is no more than 54 inches.

In case you do not have a level floor in your kitchen, you should consider the position of the cabinets depending on the highest point on your wall. Once you are done, cut some holes in the cabinet where the water lines will pass, if necessary. You should also do the same for electrical boxes.

The cabinets must be held firmly to the walls with studs. In case your cabinet only attaches to a single stud, you can use toggle bolts to offer more support. You must be very careful about levelness and plumb when you are hanging the cabinets. Make sure you do not fully tighten the screws, not until your cabinets are in the right position because you might have to undo them to rectify any errors. When you are securing the cabinets to the kitchen wall, use clamps to hold them in place.

Bargain Kitchen Appliances

The whole point behind DIY Fort Collins handyman is to save on unnecessary costs. This also means that you might want to make some major savings on kitchen appliances. For the best rates, you should shop for kitchen appliances during fall. This is because there’s usually a clearance sale during this time.

You can also shop around for scratch and dent products. However, be careful and make sure that none of the deformities are structural. Cosmetic dents and scratches can be easily repaired.

Ask about discounts and the terms. There are stores that will usually offer good discounts if you buy all your items in their shops.

For doors and windows, do not restrict yourself to the big-name retailers. There are a lot of times when you will get an amazing deal from the suppliers, and you can even save up to or more than 20% in the process.

Take your time and find wholesalers who offer some services for free, like planning the layout of your kitchen or measuring the kitchen.

For your kitchen slabs, it’s a good idea to look for the slabs by getting them from the manufacturer. Removing the middleman from the purchase equation can save you up to 30% when doing handyman Fort Collins.