6 Maintenance Tips for Front Load Washers

Front loader washers can be quite expensive to buy. In addition, fixing them when they break down can cost quite a lot. That is why you should do all you can to ensure that the appliance repair Huntsville AL is always in good working condition.

Here are 6 maintenance tips that will help you keep this machine in good condition for as long as possible.

  1. Every time you use the machine, use the right detergent that’s meant for these kinds of high-efficiency appliances. Use the minimum amount possible, since more detergent doesn’t necessarily mean cleaner clothes. Normal detergents produce lots of suds. These can build up a layer on the drum and pipes which can be a fertile ground for mold to breed in. Mold can destroy the electronic or mechanical functioning of the machine. Also, using the wrong detergent on your machine can void your warranty. Even though some detergents might state on their labels that they are meant for high-efficiency machines, they might still give out lots of suds. Avoid such detergents.
  2. Since front loader Huntsville appliance repair don’t use a lot of water, you only need to add a bit of product. If you are using a fabric softener, just put in a small amount. One teaspoon of fabric softener is enough for an entire load. If you are using highly concentrated bleach, one tablespoon is enough, but if it’s regular bleach, use two tablespoons.
  3. Don’t let your laundered clothes sit in the machine for long periods of time after washing. Always rinse them immediately and get them out of the machine. The dampness on the clothes is fertile ground for mildew to grow and it can lead to a musty smell in the machine. Always make sure that no children or pets find their way into the machine.
  4. Keep the door open any time you are not using the machine. This encourages the circulation of air inside the machine, and will discourage any mold or mildew from growing inside the machine.
  5. Clean up the machine thoroughly at least once a month. Add distilled white vinegar into the dispenser, and then put some baking soda directly into the drum. This is the equivalent of scrubbing the machine. It also helps to neutralize the PH inside the machine. Run the appliance on the hottest cycle. Add an additional rinse. For a refrigerator repair Huntsville AL that has a strong mildew odor, use bleach instead of vinegar. Also, run a few extra cycles using hot water. If your machine has a self-cleaning cycle, check your manual to see how it’s done and follow the instructions.
  6. Check your drain filter after every few weeks and clean it. Signs that the drain filter needs cleaning include pauses when a wash cycle is going on. You might also notice that clothes are still wet after the final spin or the cycle takes longer than usual. Check the manual to find out where the drain filter is.